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The moments after an accident are frenzied. A person’s adrenaline is pumping, they are trying to process what just happened, and they likely aren’t thinking very clearly. Because of this, a person might feel totally fine in the moments after an accident and think they are OK. It is only a few hours (or days) later, after the adrenaline has died down, that they begin to notice a pain in their back or neck. This is why it is so vitally important to see a doctor as soon as possible after an accident. This way, a Detroit injury lawyer can connect your injuries to the accident in question.

In order to be successful in your injury claim, you will need to prove that the injuries you suffered were actually caused by this particular accident. While this might sound obvious, there are times when causation might not be so clear-cut. For example, if a person waits several months after an accident, it is possible that the insurance company will try to claim that the injuries were caused by some subsequent event and the injured person is just trying to cash in on the accident. If they can convince enough jurors that this is the case, they will be successful in court.

Even if you don’t feel pain immediately after an accident, it is best to see a doctor. Again, because a person’s adrenaline is pumping, they may not be aware of the signals their body is sending them. Even if you think you aren’t injured, it is best to see a doctor as quickly as possible and seek some follow up treatments. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the medical help you need to get healthy and any injury case you may choose the evidence you need to prove causation.

One of the tricks the insurance company tries to play with an injured person is to convince the person that the insurance company isn’t liable. They try to convince the injured person that they were actually at fault for injuries and they won’t get anything from a jury. The may try to use this argument to bully the injured person into accepting a low-ball settlement offer, telling the person to “take it or leave it.” Ultimately, the jury has the final say in who is at fault and just how much the other party should get (if anything). A personal injury lawyer can fight to get you the money you need and work to convince a jury that the other party was negligent.

This right to a jury trial is actually included in the Bill of Rights. This is how important our Founding Fathers saw this right. Were it not for the right to a trial by jury, injured parties and those of limited means would get steamrolled by the rich and by big corporations. The civil justice system provides an equal playing field for all parties involved, allowing a jury of our peers to ultimately decide the merits of a particular case.

If the insurance company has denied responsibilities for your injuries or is trying to bully you into accepting a low settlement, a personal injury lawyer can fight to get you the money you deserve. Before allowing yourself to be bullied after your car crash, slip and fall, or other negligent injury, work with an attorney who will fight for the money you deserve.

When someone is injured in an accident, they understandably want some assurances that they will definitely get the money they need. Unfortunately, no personal injury attorney can ever guarantee success in a case. This is frustrating for an injured person, but it is the only honest, ethical answer a lawyer can give. What the law firm can do, however, is make sure that they do everything possible to achieve a positive outcome for a particular client.

This means that an attorney will conduct a proper investigation of a particular accident and a thorough analysis of a person’s injuries. When investigating an accident, the attorney might have a private investigator get witness statements, take pictures of where the injury occurred, and reconstruct a particular accident to prove the injury was their fault. This is essential in getting the money you need – in order to recover compensation, you will have to prove that the other party was at least 51% responsible for your injuries.

Evaluating injuries is also vitally important because it is the only way to ensure that a person gets full compensation for their injuries. Since a personal injury settlement or verdict will need to cover a person for the rest of their life, it is important to ensure that future medical is accounted for. For example, if back surgery will be needed to repair a herniated disc, then they money for that surgery needs to be included in this settlement.

Some people assume that they can handle a personal injury case on their own. They think they can get a similar settlement and, without having to pay attorney’s fees, will actually have extra money left over. It is certainly a person’s right to handle their own case, but it should be noted that it’s generally not wise. Before trying to handle your own case, speak to a personal injury attorney for a free consultation to learn how they may be able to help.

Some studies have shown that people with attorneys collect more in their settlement than people without an attorney, even when accounting for attorney’s fees. If this sounds incorrect, consider that an attorney knows how to properly evaluate a case and properly value injuries. When people handle a case on their own, they often leave out important damages like future medical and non-economic damages. These can be substantial so it’s important to know just what types of injuries you are facing.

Personal injury lawyers are extremely familiar with injuries and know exactly what to seek when trying to settle a case. They also have access to experts who can prove these injuries and bolster the evidence that proves their worth. This is vital when seeking damages and proving a person’s case. If you handle a case on your own, you may not have the same resources at your disposal to prove your case.

There are times when an insurance company jumps in after an accident and makes an offer. Often, they tell the injured person that this is the best they can expect. They also tell the injured person that if they don’t accept it, they may not receive any money whatsoever. This pressure is extremely difficult for someone also dealing with a serious injury. A personal injury lawyer can be of great help during this time. Before accepting any money from the insurance company, contact Davis Law Center for a free consultation.

These bullying tactics are very common with insurance companies. They know that a person doesn’t know how to properly evaluate their claim. They also know that if they can get a person to accept a settlement that is far less than they should receive. This is why it’s so important to speak to a lawyer before accepting a settlement – once you have settled your claim that is the end of it. You cannot go back, even if further treatment is needed.

A personal injury lawyer knows how to evaluate claims and knows how to get an injured person the compensation they deserve. They will deal with the insurance company and make sure that the injured person is treated fairly. Don’t be bullied into accepting an offer that is far too little to properly compensate you.

In every personal injury case, the goal is to make the injured person as whole as possible after an injury. But what exactly does “made whole” mean? Specifically, it means to return a person to the state they were in before an accident occurred. Since we don’t have a time machine to take a person back to prevent an accident, we use money to compensate people for their injuries. It is not perfect, but it is the only tool available to help someone after an injury accident.

As an example, let’s imagine a person is struck by a drunk driver. This person is very fortunate and only suffers damage to their vehicle but doesn’t suffer any injuries. They walk away completely unharmed save for the property damage to their case. To make this person whole, the at-fault driver’s insurance company will only need to cover the damage to the vehicle.

If, however, the driver above suffered serious injuries from the drunk driver, the monetary amount would be much greater. This injured person would need to be made whole from the immediate treatment the received from the paramedics and the emergency room doctors. There would then be follow up visits to their primary care physician, specialists to look at specific parts of the body, and physical therapists needed to help them rebuild strength. These damages would be substantially more since there was a greater loss.

According to AAA, an estimated 98.6 million travelers will be venturing 50 miles or more from home during this holiday season. As people plan holiday trips to reconnect with friends and family, it is important to be well prepared before hitting the road. With years of experience as a Detroit accident lawyer, I know not all accidents can be prevented no matter what planning occurs, but some steps do ensure safer traveling for those who are driving on the roads.

Your Detroit Accident Lawyer Discusses Preparing For A Winter Road Trip

According to AAA’s estimates, an increase of four percent more travelers will be trucking along with those who already make a trek.

As a Detroit car crash attorney, I know that every safety measure taken may make a huge difference should you be in an accident. Safety while operating your vehicle is of the utmost importance to most drivers and frequently the top deciding factor when purchasing a new car, so recalls like the one issued in the past month can definitely rattle drivers.

Detroit Car Crash Attorney Looks At Airbag Recall

Approximately 7.8 million vehicles manufactured by 10 different automakers were recalled this fall for defective air bags. According to reports, Takata Corporation manufactured and supplied airbags for Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Chrysler and Toyota. In several cases, air bags deployed and the inflator did not function properly and ruptured. Four people have died and more than 100 have suffered injuries from this defect. In at least one instance, metal penetrated a driver’s face and neck.

The reason it is imperative to contact a Detroit Injury Lawyer as soon as possible after an accident is that there are strict time limits to when a lawsuit must be filed. In Michigan, a lawsuit must be filed on or before 3 years from the date of injury or it will be forever barred. For instance, if a car crash happened on October 13, 2014, the lawsuit must be filed on or before October 13, 2017. By working with an attorney, you can be sure that you will not miss this important date.

Contacting a Detroit Injury Lawyer Right After an Accident

This is not the only reason you should contact a Detroit Injury Lawyer as soon as possible. If there are witnesses to your accident, they need to be contacted right away. People move or change phone numbers and memories fade over time. By speaking to these witnesses immediately, you can get their story right away and get contact information should they be needed to testify at trial.

A new study presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics conference last week suggests that more than 90 percent of newborns leave the hospital in car seats that are incorrectly installed and therefore putting the baby’s safety at risk. Your Detroit accident lawyer works to help educate people on vehicle safety, including how to properly install car seats.

Detroit Accident Lawyer Discusses Test To Install Car Seats

According to the data, researchers from Oregon Health and Science University Hospital asked recent mothers to install and properly position a newborn in a car seat in their vehicle. The study, which is ongoing, looked at 267 mother-infant pairs and under the supervision of a child-safety technician over a six-month period. Researchers asked the mothers to perform the task of installing the safety seats. According to the results 93 percent made at least one critical error in positioning the child in the car safety seat or installing the seat within the vehicle. On average, each family made more than four errors.

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