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A new study conducted by AAA says that although hands-free options were created in part as a way to keep drivers safer on the roads, they may be falling short and in worst-case scenarios may be actually making the roads more dangerous. Safer roads obviously lead to fewer crashes and accidents. Consult with an experienced Michigan injury attorney if you have suffered personal injuries in any type of motor vehicle accident.

Michigan Injury Attorney Discusses Study Results

Hands-free technology has been marketed as safe to use and as a better alternative to utilizing a handheld phone while driving, but a recent study from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety showed that many of these features might actually be increasing mental distractions.

Experienced Detroit accidents lawyer know that part of keeping children safe in the event of an accident, is making sure the child is securely restrained. Most parents would not willingly cut corners in this area, but according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, three out of four car seats are improperly installed. This means that in case of an accident, there is more of a chance of injuries to those in improperly installed seats. Furthermore, many parents have their child in a seat that the child’s body is not quite ready for.

Detroit Accidents Lawyer Reviews Tips For Car Seat Use

  • First of all, the current recommendation is that all children two and younger be rear-facing. The old recommendation was that children stay rear facing until one, but recent research has shown that children’s neck muscles are more fully developed at age two. This means the muscles are better able to support the child’s head should the vehicle be involved in a motor vehicle accident.
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