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Children need to be monitored at all times around vehicles, especially when a car is backing out. Children can run quickly and, because the driver has limited sight in their mirrors, the driver may not see the child until it is too late. According to safety advocates, approximately 48 children are injured ever week from backover accidents. As a Detroit injury attorney, safety is my primary concern. Therefore all drivers should be careful when backing up in places where there may be children playing.

The biggest problem is that mirrors can create a false sense of security that the area behind a driver is clear, when in reality there is a child playing right behind it. In most cases, these accidents occur in a driveway and involve a family or friend of the child. Therefore if a child is in the yard playing, the driver needs to know exactly where the child is before they back out. If a driver can’t see the child, they should make sure that the child is not behind the vehicle.

Parents also should be diligent in teaching their children not to play in or around vehicles. Children are naturally drawn to cars because they are large machines that pique the child’s interest. They need to be aware that these vehicles are not toys and they need to stay away from them if they are not a passenger. Still, children being children, it is impossible to predict what a child might do. Therefore, ultimate responsibility falls on the adult driver in keeping children safe and preventing injury.

Recently, an 100-year-old California man accidentally backed over a group of school kids in Los Angeles, reigniting the debate on how old is too old for drivers to be on the road. Even though accidents with older drivers are not as common as accidents with other drivers, they are often more deadly, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Associated Press article explores the requirements for older drivers to obtain or retain their licenses.

In Michigan, drivers licenses last for four years, regardless, for all drivers. That is no age where drivers must stop driving. Anyone may report a potentially unsafe driver and officials may require the driver to pass a driving or vision test or other related test.

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