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As spring begins to warm up in Michigan, it is important for drivers to be aware of the presence of cyclists on the road. Drivers have a legal obligation to share the road with bicycles and do everything possible to avoid crashing into them. When a cyclist is struck by a car, it almost always results in extremely serious injuries for the cyclist. Therefore everyone needs to be careful behind the wheel to keep everyone safe on the road.

In the same respect, it is important for cyclists to understand that they are not immune from following the rules of the road. Some people on bicycles might do unsafe things like ignore stop signs or traffic signals. This leads to dangerous conditions that can leave the cyclist vulnerable to injury. It is also important that cyclists have reflective tape on their bike and wear bright, reflective clothing when riding at night. This way, they can be seen even when it is dark out. By taking steps to ensure their safety, those who choose to ride bikes can do everything possible to prevent an accident.

If you have been struck by a vehicle while on a bicycle, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. Even if it seems that there are only minor scrapes or bruises, there could be internal injuries. By seeking medical treatment right away, you can be sure that any health issues are immediately identified and are being treated.

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