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Dogs are some of the best friends we can have. They are fiercely loyal and loving, making them a wonderful addition to any family. Unfortunately, dogs can get scared and cause injuries to other people. Generally, homeowner’s insurance pays for the injuries caused by dog bites. If you have suffered such an injury, a dog bite attorney can find any insurance that may exist and work to make you whole from your damages.

Some people assume that only certain breeds are dangerous or can cause injury. Breeds like pit bulls, Doberman pinchers, Rottweilers, and other breeds face restrictions because they are perceived to be more dangerous. The truth is that any dog has the ability to cause damages. Even small dogs like chihuahas and yorkies can puncture the skin, leaving permanent scars.

Dog bites are especially serious when they occur in young children. Many children love animals and try to play close to a dog’s face. The dog, not realizing the child is only playing, might instinctively snap and bite a child in the face. This can leave permanent scars on a child’s face that require follow-up surgeries and more to correct.

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