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One of the most frustrating injuries a person can face involves slip and falls. Sometimes, a person slips and the only injury is to their ego. They get up, brush themselves off, and after a bit of embarrassment, they go on with their day. But sometimes, the injury is much more severe. A personal injury attorney can discuss your slip and fall and learn the factors of your case.

The most serious slip and falls involve someone who strikes their head on the ground. When this happens, a person can suffer a concussion or other brain injury. It may not be immediately apparent on the outside, but this is perhaps the most serious type of injury they can face. These injuries often take significant time to heal, if it heals at all. If not, it requires a lifetime of medical care that demands proper compensation. A personal injury attorney can get you the compensation you need.

Another serious injury involves tearing the ligaments in the knee. Knee injuries are notoriously difficult to treat and they never really heal properly. A person will suffer from pain the rest of their life. This requires a proper case evaluation to determine the severity of your injuries. An experienced attorney can provide just such an evaluation and ensure that you are made as whole as possible after your accident.

When a person is injured on another’s property, they will often need to show that there was a dangerous condition that caused their injury. A dangerous condition is a condition that a reasonable person would work to correct or warn about as quickly as possible. There is not necessarily a set of standards for these conditions and they are instead identified on a case by case basis.

One example of a dangerous condition might be a leaky refrigerator in a grocery store. A reasonable person would understand that the water on the ground creates a chance for a slip and fall, so they should correct this condition immediately. At the very least, they should take steps to clean up the water and put up a sign warning of this danger.

It is important to note, however, that in the above instance, simply cleaning up the water and warning of the leak is a temporary solution. The store owner will need to fix that leak as soon as they are able. It is understandable that a plumber may not immediately be available, but it should be corrected in a few days. If it is found that an owner failed to fix that leak for months, it could have a major impact on your case.

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