Detroit Accident Lawyer – Study Shows Most Parents Installing Newborn Car Seats Incorrectly

A new study presented at the American Academy of Pediatrics conference last week suggests that more than 90 percent of newborns leave the hospital in car seats that are incorrectly installed and therefore putting the baby’s safety at risk. Your Detroit accident lawyer works to help educate people on vehicle safety, including how to properly install car seats.

Detroit Accident Lawyer Discusses Test To Install Car Seats

According to the data, researchers from Oregon Health and Science University Hospital asked recent mothers to install and properly position a newborn in a car seat in their vehicle. The study, which is ongoing, looked at 267 mother-infant pairs and under the supervision of a child-safety technician over a six-month period. Researchers asked the mothers to perform the task of installing the safety seats. According to the results 93 percent made at least one critical error in positioning the child in the car safety seat or installing the seat within the vehicle. On average, each family made more than four errors.

Each family made an average of nearly two errors per installation, including installing the seat too loosely, incorrectly angling the seat, forgetting to lock the safety belt and incorrectly spacing the seat behind the vehicle’s front seat.

Each family average also averaged a bit more than two positioning errors in positioning the child, including the harness being too loose, using an after-market product not approved for use with the seat and the retainer clip being placed too low.

It is important to not only have car safety seats for young children, but properly use the seat in order to best protect those you love in a crash. If you or your loved one has suffered serious injuries in any type of crash, it is important to speak with a Detroit accident lawyer who can best advise you.

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