Detroit Auto Accidents Lawyer – New State Laws Tougher On Distracted Driving While Behind The Wheel

Unfortunately, as a Detroit auto accidents lawyer, the effects of distracted driving couldn’t be clearer. I see people whose lives are shattered due to someone else’s carelessness behind the wheel. Now the state has decided to update laws in an effort to decrease the amount of accidents occurring because a driver is distracted.

Experienced Detroit Auto Accidents Lawyer Applauds Effort To Decrease Distracted Driving

Michigan just took another step to help make our roads safer. On November 1, the state updated a law that increases restrictions on the use of cellular phones while driving. It is now illegal to use a hand held device to answer, send or compose a text message. Additionally, it is now illegal to use a cell phone if the driver must press more than one button or if the phone is being held in one hand.

A first-time offender will receive a $100 fine and a subsequent offense will be fined $200.  It is also now illegal for a driver to reach for something if the action compromises a safe driving position as well as provide stricter guidelines for commercial vehicles along with school buses.

These new laws do not apply in a few specific situations however:

  • If the driver is trying to report an accident, medical emergency or serious road hazard
  • If the driver is calling to report a situation where he or she believes his or her safety is in danger
  • If the driver is reporting a suspected criminal act
  • Or a driver is carrying out official duties as a police officer or fire fighter.

If you or your loved one has suffered serious personal injuries due to another driver’s distracted driver, call an aggressive Detroit auto accidents lawyer today.

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