How Do I File a Car Accident Claim in Michigan?

If you are in a car accident in Michigan, a Detroit car accidents lawyer can assist you in figuring out what steps you need to take to get rightfully compensated for your losses. It is important to know how long you have to file for a lawsuit and how much it will cost you, for starters.

Accident victims have one year to file a lawsuit with their own company under the no-fault insurance benefits and up to three to file against the other driver’s company for pain and suffering damages. It is increasingly difficult to file a lawsuit after the time frame has passed.

In Michigan, the no-fault insurance helps pay medical bills, mileage to and from appointments, loss of earnings, nursing care and many other aspects to assist victims of car accidents. Some times an insurance company will stop payments for the covered aspects and it is crucial to get an experienced lawyer who can step in and take charge of the situation.

There are three main types of auto accident lawsuits within Michigan; a first-party lawsuit; a third-party lawsuit; and a mini-tort. A first-party lawsuit is between an accident victim and his or her insurance company. A Third-party lawsuit is between an accident victim and the other driver. Generally the other driver’s insurance company pays any damages awarded.  In a mini-tort claim, a victim can recover a maximum of $500 for vehicle damage from the reasonable driver.

Most Detroit car accidents lawyer bill for car accident cases on a contingency basis. This means a lawyer gets paid a percentage of any damages awarded if the attorney wins. If the case is lost, nothing is owed to the attorney.

If you have suffered serious injuries in any type of car accident, it is crucial to speak with a Detroit car accidents lawyer who can assist you. Call Davis Law Center today for your free, initial consultation.

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