Detroit Personal Injury Attorney on the Stigma of a Lawsuit

Some people hesitate to contact a Detroit Personal Injury Attorney because they worry about the stigma of a lawsuit. They worry that people will think less of them for seeking help after an accident, assuming that their friends or family might accuse of them of seeking a handout. The truth is, the vast majority of people who file personal injury lawsuits only want what is fair. They aren’t looking for a handout — they only want to be made whole after an injury. If you are worried that people might look down on you for filing a lawsuit, this fear is unfounded.

One reason there’s a stigma with personal injury cases is that we hear about “frivolous lawsuits” constantly. We are told these lawsuits drive up insurance costs because it costs so much money to litigate. In reality, if a case is truly without merit, it is often dismissed right away. There are mechanisms in place to help the defense dismiss these cases and judges have little tolerance for cases blatantly without merit.

The reason there is so much animosity towards these lawsuits is that insurance companies and corporations want as few as possible. They know that if they can prevent people from contacting a Detroit Personal Injury Attorney, they can save substantial amounts of money. By preventing people from pursuing what is rightfully theirs, these corporations can continue padding their bottom line.

At Davis Law Center, we aggressively fight to get you every penny you deserve. We do not take frivolous lawsuits, only helping those who have suffered serious injury. If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, don’t delay – contact a Detroit Personal Injury Attorney at Davis Law Center right away.

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