Detroit Personal Injury Attorney – Victims Of Faulty Switches May Receive Compensation

An experienced Detroit personal injury attorney knows that often in accidents with faulty equipment, a victim may be compensated for his or her injuries. This week GM announced a compensation fund for anyone who was injured and those who lost loved ones in accidents with GM vehicles containing faulty ignition switches.

Detroit Personal Injury Attorney Discusses Fund Details

GM announced a compensation fund this week for victims of faulty ignition switches on GM vehicles. Currently, the company has acknowledged 13 deaths linked directly to the faulty ignition switches. The switches would malfunction, causing the vehicle to lose power. A recall was first issued in February, but the company knew about the problem as early as 2001.

GM has issued a series of recalls since the first one in February, recalling more than 26 million vehicles with ignition problems.

Anyone eligible to file a claim may do so between August 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. Those who are approved and accept compensation will relinquish their right to sue GM.

The man hired to run the fund, Kenneth Feinberg, administered similar funds such as one for families of 9/11 victims and one set up for victims of the BP oil spill.  He will determine the payout for each victim and GM has agreed to pay whatever he deems appropriate. According to reports, GM will not have the right to veto the amount Feinberg sets.

Each case will be considered based on the extent of the injuries and loss of future earning potential. For those who died, their family members may file on their behalf.

If you or your loved one has suffered a serious personal injury in any type of motor vehicle accident, you may want to speak with a Detroit personal injury attorney who can review your case and recommend a course of action. Call today for your free, initial consultation.

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