How to Help Prevent Delays from the Insurance Company

Insurance companies will fight to do everything possible to delay your case. It’s part of their business model and is an inevitable part of any case. A personal injury attorney can do everything they can do keep the case moving forward, but the client has certain steps they can take to prevent these delays as well. By working together, it is possible to move a case along as quickly as possible by preventing avoidable delays.
One way to prevent delays is to avoid gaps in treatment. This is one of the most common ways to delay a case. It’s not uncommon for a person to wait weeks or even months to see if pain subsides on its own before speaking with an attorney. This is somewhat understandable as most people hope that they aren’t seriously injured and don’t necessarily like to see doctors. However, it does prevent some issues for a personal injury matter.

In order for a claim to be successful, a person will need to prove that their injuries were caused by the incident in question. If there is a long delay between the time a person was injured and when they sought treatment, the insurance will claim the injuries were caused by something else. They will claim the injured person is just seeking a paycheck and isn’t really hurt or that their insured isn’t responsible.

Likewise, not following up with your doctor or following a particular treatment plan will cause delays in your case. The insurance company will argue that the injured person isn’t badly hurt because they never followed up or did not continue a treatment plan. If you do not take responsibility for your health, the insurance company will use that fact to force a delay of your case.

Even if there is a gap in treatment, however, it does not necessarily mean a person can’t recover damages. So long as your case falls within the Michigan statute of limitations, you can have ultimately have your case judged by a jury of your peers. A personal injury attorney can examine your case and give you advice how best to proceed to protect your interests.

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