The Importance of Being Honest with your Detroit Car Crash Lawyer

When someone is hurt in an accident, they want to maximize the amount of compensation they receive. They may then try to hide certain facts they feel could be detrimental to their case. Maybe they weren’t wearing a seat belt in their car accident or maybe they had surgery on the injured part of their body a few years prior. They worry that if they tell their Detroit Car Crash Lawyer about these facts, they won’t be able to help them with their accident claim. The truth is by being honest, the attorney can work to minimize the impact of these facts and maximize your claim. If you try to hide facts or lie about certain things, you will do serious damage to your case.

The Importance of Credibility from a Detroit Car Crash Lawyer

When filing a lawsuit, one tactic the defense will try to use is to attack your credibility. They will attempt to portray the injured party as someone out looking for a payday, someone out to make a quick buck. If you lie or otherwise don’t appear credible, that will play right into that narrative. By being honest with your Detroit Car Crash Lawyer about even facts detrimental to your case, you can be sure to keep your credibility intact.

An attorney can also work to minimize the impact of these facts or have them excluded altogether. For instance, having back surgery several years prior may be completely irrelevant to your current injuries. It may be possible that a judge rules that a jury should not hear that fact. If you lie about it however, suddenly it is relevant – it speaks to your credibility.

Always be honest and completely forthright with your attorney. If you have been injured in an accident, contact Davis Law Center today to speak with a Detroit Car Crash Lawyer for a free consultation.

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