Michigan Auto Accident Attorney: What To Do If Driver’s Insurance Company Wants To Settle

While you want to gather all the information you can after an accident, you need to be cautious whom you hand that information out to. The other driver’s insurance company may contact you requesting information from your end. In this case, it is best to speak with a Michigan auto accident attorney who can help you deal with the insurance company.

The Next Steps To Take

After the initial accident and reports filed, there could likely still be information to gather.  You will need to make sure you get a copy of the police report. You need to follow up with your doctor for a thorough check of any injuries of possible injuries. In the midst of those steps, the other driver’s insurance company may contact you. The company representative may want to get a statement from you, obtain a copy of your medical records or try to settle with you. It is crucial you do not speak with the company without first talking with an experienced Michigan auto accident attorney.

If you hand over information before doing so, you could seriously impair your case. In the end, your information could be used against you. A qualified lawyer knows how to deal with insurance companies and can make sure you are protected.

Cases can often be settled out of court, but a lot will depend on what type of settlement the insurance company offers for your claim. If the offer is fair, it may be best to settle, but if the offer is unfair we often will continue the fight in court. It is important to take into account any loss time at work, all medical costs, travel to and from appointments as well as many miscellaneous items are addressed.

If you or your loved one has suffered any serious personal injury in a motor vehicle accident, it is imperative to speak with an aggressive Michigan auto accident attorney immediately. 

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