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Unfortunately, as a Detroit auto accidents lawyer, the effects of distracted driving couldn’t be clearer. I see people whose lives are shattered due to someone else’s carelessness behind the wheel. Now the state has decided to update laws in an effort to decrease the amount of accidents occurring because a driver is distracted.

Experienced Detroit Auto Accidents Lawyer Applauds Effort To Decrease Distracted Driving

Michigan just took another step to help make our roads safer. On November 1, the state updated a law that increases restrictions on the use of cellular phones while driving. It is now illegal to use a hand held device to answer, send or compose a text message. Additionally, it is now illegal to use a cell phone if the driver must press more than one button or if the phone is being held in one hand.

Every year as the temperatures dip, the arrival of hunting and mating season arrives as well in Michigan. The Insurance Institutes For Highway Safety estimates deer collisions cause approximately 1.23 million collisions, 200 deaths and $4 billion in damage yearly. If you have the unfortunate experience of being injured in any serious accident, you may want to speak with a Detroit auto accidents lawyer.

As a Detroit auto accidents lawyer, we know that these accidents are just that … accidents, but there may be other factors at play. It is crucial to remember ways to help keep you safe while you drive.  Always watch for deer in areas they are seen. If you see one, you most often will see others, so stay alert.

The Highway Loss Data Institute reports vehicle damage from hitting an animal is 3 ½ times more likely in November compared with August.  The high claim rates coincide with mating season for deer since bucks tend to roam more during that period.

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