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Unfortunately, as a Detroit personal injury lawyer, I see a lot of tragic cases that may have been prevented. Last month, a suspected drunk driver ran a red light in Western Michigan, slamming into the vehicle of a young couple and pushing both vehicles into the path of an oncoming semi. The young couple was killed in the accident.

An experienced Detroit personal injury sees this play out way too many times. According to reports, the 27-year-old was charged with two counts of drunken driving causing death. This was not the driver’s first brush with the law either. Reports said he has both drug convictions as well as an operating while intoxicated conviction. He apparently got his license back in June, after a suspension.

The man accused of causing the accident had been drinking at a bar earlier in the evening.  An initial hearing was held Friday where the court heard testimonies from witnesses along with the testimony of the doctor who determined the driver was drunk at the time of the crash.

In Michigan owners and keepers of dogs are strictly liable for dog bites and attacks throughout the state. Victims do not have to prove the owner was negligent, only that he or she was bitten or attacked. If you have suffered a dog bite at the hands of another’s person’s dog, it is important to discuss your case with a Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer today.

What May Be Covered

When you speak with a qualified Farmington Hills personal injury lawyer, you will find that not only the initial injury is covered and is eligible for compensation, but you may be able to seek compensation for other elements as well. This may include compensation for pain and suffering, any types of disfigurement, infections, any types of bone fractures, rabies or nerve damage. Obviously, if the one who was attacked was killed in the attack, you may seek greater compensation for your loved one’s passing as well through a wrongful death lawsuit.

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