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Drunk driving is a serious problem in the United States, causing accidents that can lead to serious injury and even death. According to data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), almost 30 people lose their lives every day in crashes that involve a driver that was impaired by alcohol. Many more people are injured in drunk driving related crashes and these injuries could result in long term medical problems requiring intensive and expensive medical care. Not to mention issues with lost work or loss of quality of life. Fortunately for victims of drunk driving crashes people injured by driver negligence may be able to recover through a Michigan personal injury lawsuit. The best way to determine whether you have a claim is to have the circumstances of your case reviewed by a Michigan auto accident attorney as soon as possible.

In an effort to reduce the incidence of accidents caused by drunk drivers, the National Transportation Safety Board has recommended that the blood-alcohol content (BAC) level that defines drunk driving be lowered to .05%. NBC news reports that currently all 50 states have implemented a .08 BAC level, making the United States a world-wide outlier. According to the report most countries in Europe and Russia and South America have all already set their acceptable BAC levels at .05.

Whether the new proposed standard has any safety merit aside a lower standard would make it easier for individuals injured in accidents that involve drivers who have consumed alcohol to recover through a personal injury lawsuit. There are many other ways a driver can be negligent other than driving under the influence of alcohol, including:

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