The Dangers of Vaginal Mesh

Vaginal mesh has been used to treatment who has suffered pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence. Essentially it worked by placing a small net within a woman when she had suffered problems with her bladder, rectum, or uterus. This is a serious problem in middle aged and older women, but unfortunately the vaginal mesh caused serious health problems on its own. If you had a vaginal mesh implanted and now suffer serious health problems as a result, contact an injury attorney to discuss your case.
The FDA has actually issued a recall of transvaginal mesh due to the number of women who have suffered health problems as a result of their implementation. The biggest problem is that this mesh is almost impossible to completely remove. Even after undergoing surgery, many women find that small pieces are still in their body, causing extreme pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, there is little doctors can do to help with other than to continue performing surgery after surgery. And even then, there is no guarantee that the mesh will be removed.

Women can also suffer problems from infection, bleeding, damage to nearby organs, and protrusion of the soft tissue. Approximately 10% of patients report erosion of the mesh or other health issues that require a follow up surgery. On average, women require two surgeries to get as much of the mesh out as possible. These health problems and the resultant surgeries are damages that should be compensated by the manufacturer.

If you are a woman who has suffered from pelvic organ prolapse or who has had a mesh installed to help with incontinence, follow up with your doctor to make sure that this mesh is still working properly. If you are unsure if your mesh could be one causing the problems, speak with your doctor and ask questions. The sooner you are aware of your injuries, the sooner you should begin treating. It could take several surgeries to get well, so the sooner you begin, the sooner that you can potentially get better.

If you currently suffer from pelvic organ prolapse and your doctor is recommending this surgery, it is imperative that you speak with him or her about the associated risks. While not every woman suffers side effects form this surgery, the ones who do often have an immense amount of pain that lasts for quite some time. Discuss these risks with your doctor and make an informed decision about your care.

If you have suffered injuries due to transvaginal mesh, an injury attorney at Davis Law Center will aggressively fight for you. We know how painful this mesh can be and how painful it can be to have multiple surgeries to correct problems associated with it. We will make sure that you are properly compensated for your damages and make as whole as possible after surgery. To speak with an injury attorney about your case in Detroit or anywhere in Michigan, contact Davis Law Center right away for a free, private consultation.

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